Impulse Addon

WoW Keybind Addon – Keybinding Addon

2.4.15 Impulse Addon has now been fully rebuilt and is only $20!

How IMPULSE Addon Works in Three Steps:

  1. Select your keybind style
  2. Review the auto-loaded actions set
  3. Apply the keybinds and macros to your character

IMPULSE is sophisticated software that automatically detects your class and primary spec. There’s no need to search through mountains of confusing information. Just choose your preferred hand placement, review the keybinds and macros pre-loaded for your spec, then apply the settings to remap your gameplay.

What sets Impulse apart?

  • It’s the first and only IN GAME keybinding addon. No coaxing extraneous software to sync up with the game. No irrelevant data. Players just install the addon, load the game, and set up their keybinds.
  • It’s completely customizable. Other keybinding guides and software auto-assign binds without any explanation or user input. IMPULSE allows players to select their preferred hand placement and then choose an intuitive, efficient keybind and macro set or selectively apply and install as they see fit.
  • There’s absolutely no risk. The biggest complaint with other keybinding software is that if a player is not content with the setup, they have to delete their cache and clear everything out – sometimes to the extent of a full reinstall of WoW! With IMPULSE it’s as simple as one click.
  • It’s an investment that comes with a lifetime of updates made by our skilled team of game pros. While some players feel they need to invest in gaming mice or keyboards, IMPULSE provides an unparalleled increase in game performance at a fraction of the cost.

Try Impulse Addon Risk Free – Download Here!

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